Top 8 Cosy Cat Comforts


It’s no big secret that cats love their home comforts. In fact their nature defines the term “creature comforts”, especially in the colder months for outdoor cats. They love nothing more than being snuggled up in the warmth - whether that is a sheltered spot in the middle of summer or loafing in front of the fire in the winter, they love nothing more than being cosy and warm.

This means that sometimes your cat needs a little extra care, especially during the winter months, to make sure they’re always able to get back to their happy place - which almost always involves napping, warmth and snuggles!

1 .  Ice ice fur-baby

It’s fairly simple, cats just love to be warm! They actually originate from warm countries and, although they have managed to acclimatise to our colder climates very well, they still prefer the warmer weather. This is why outdoor cats spend much more time prowling outside in the summer, and snuggled inside in the winter. Luckily their coats adapt to this, getting thicker in the winter months and malting in the summertime. However, cats can still get hypothermia or frostbite in freezing temperatures. This means it’s a good idea to keep your cat flap locked when the temperature hits the minuses, especially at night.

2 . Avoid cat-astrophes 

Although your cat will love nothing more than stretching out in front of the fire, this can also be very dangerous. Make sure to put fireguards around open fires, log burners and even electric heaters. You can create “snug” areas for them if you’re worried - they particularly like cosy blankets, warm radiators and lying on the floor over hot water pipes. 

You also need to be careful during the summer months. Your cat might insist on being outside when temperatures soar so, when you can, try and move them when they’re sleeping in direct sunlight as this can cause them to overheat and get severely dehydrated. Make sure to keep lots of fresh water available all year round, just in case they get really thirsty.

3 . Garage banned

Cats can’t help but be inquisitive. This means that they can get themselves into sticky situations extremely easily, especially when trying to shelter from the rain and cold. Garages and sheds are very dangerous for our fur-babies all year round, but they may seem like a safe-haven to your cat. Not only can they get themselves locked in overnight - and sometimes even longer - there are also tools and liquids stored in these outhouses that are toxic to cats. 

Petrol being one of those liquids. All it takes is for your cat to knock over the lawn mower petrol can, and they end up covered in the smelly, poisonous liquid. Their natural reaction would be to clean themselves, ingesting the toxic petrol, but not able to remove the grease from their fur. Antifreeze (ethylene glycol) is also extremely poisonous to cats. So make sure to keep these bottles and cans locked away safely, and to clean up any spillages before locking up the garage or shed.

4 . A quick cat-nap

If your cat simply cannot resist being outdoors, even when it’s cold - but you want to make sure they have some home comforts away from the hustle and bustle of the house - why not try adding some cat comforts to your shed. Start by adding a cat flap to the door, followed by a makeshift bed with some cosy cat blankets and fresh water. This will create the perfect cat-nap haven for him to come and relax before outdoor playtime resumes.

5 . 1:1 play time

Cats who love to revel in the outdoorsy life in the summer months may go a little stir crazy during the winter. This means that spending time with your cat has never been more important - especially if they don’t have another furry play-mate at home. Make sure that they have plenty of toys to keep them occupied between nap times and dinner times! The Meowee! Flamingo Dangly is a great addition to your cat’s toy box for interactive play time between paw-rents and their fur-babies.

Cat toys are also a great way to stimulate indoor & outdoor cats all year round. Maybe it feels like your furry friend only wakes up for dinner or treats before heading back to the land of nod. If you’re craving some interaction with your cat, rather than just feeling like a feeder, try some one on one play time - it’s bound to provide some laughs for you and the family.

6 . Rain, rain, go away

A cat's coat holds onto water for much longer than a dogs’. Mostly because our furry felines have to clean themselves rather than simply shaking it off. So make sure to welcome your cat back into their cosy abode in the rainy or snowy weather by drying them off with a towel. This may prove more difficult during the night or whilst you’re out during the day, but whilst you’re at home during bad weather keep an ear out for the cat flap to dry them off - this way they can enter a warm slumber much quicker!

7 . Movie nights

Cats love having us human’s around. Maybe it’s purely for fuss, cuddles and food - but they like us to be there when they need us. So why not plan more movie nights in with your fur-babies to make sure they have all of their home comforts on tap - including your blanket covered knee! Make sure your cat also has some Saturday night treats. We recommend our Meowee! Twister Sticks as they’re made with 100% natural chicken and wrapped in delicious chicken breast for double the purrs! They're deliciously chewy, long lasting treats that are perfect hand feeding fun for the whole family and are high in protein for a happy cat inside and out.  

8 . Night-time prowling

It’s no secret that outdoor cats love to do their prowling at night, it’s natural instinct for them after all. But just make sure it is as safe as possible for them to do so. You may have noticed that a new family has moved in next door and their cat is trying to mark its territory. This is potentially going to cause distress for your fur-pal, especially at night. Or maybe a hard frost is forecast overnight - you don’t want to risk your cat getting frostbite in extreme temperatures. In times like this, when you can, lock your cat flap to ensure the safety and well-being of your cat (it also may help to save you a possibly hefty vets bill!)

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